@irisheyes1982 is @SPARKLYSOULINC Blogger of the Month – June 2012

Our Sparkly Soul Blogger of month for June 2012 is Dani (@irisheyes1982) over at Weight Off My Shoulders Blog – http://www.weightoffmyshoulders.com/

 Dani is very inspirational and very sparkly!  She is everything Sparkly Soul stands for – fierce, fun, determined, sparkly and motivated 🙂 And not to mention … we love her blog and her tweets!

Dani began Weight Watchers in November 2, 2009  and has lost a total of 63 lbs through the program.  (applause)   How motivating is that!   In January 2012, Dani moved to Boston and began working for Weight Watchers.  She has since been paying it forward and inspires people EVERYDAY.  She became a Weight Watchers Leader on April 5, 2012!

Follow Dani’s blog (and Twitter at @irisheyes1982) as she blogs about her journey with all things racing, weight and health! 

Dani – thank you for all you share with us – Sparkly Soul loves reading your tweets and interacting with you!  Also thank you for every person you have touched along your journey and in all your work with Weight Watchers – you are truly an inspiration!


Dani @irisheyes1982 rocking our soon to be released Red, White & Blue Sparkly Soul nonslip wide headband in anticipation for the Olympics 2012! http://www.sparklysoul.com

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